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I Can't Get No Stannisfaction
The name's Lanni. I'm a twenty and three spazz that is obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire, The Walking Dead, Pacific Rim, Marvel, Elementary, Hannibal, Justified, and much more. I'm kind of a bastard, but I make up for it by writing ASOIAF fanfic requests. I also foray into TWD, Justified, and Pacific Rim fanfiction. If you hate Theon Greyjoy or Catelyn Stark or characters that most people hate, this blog is not for you. Also I routinely liveblog when I watch tv shows and when I'm drunk.
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A few years ago Arakawa-sensei mentioned that she was thinking about doing a special chapter about Roy (post promised day).

I mean how awesome would it be to see Roy years after the promised day in the position of the führer, changing the country’s policy for good and basically him and Riza…

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i didn’t expect you to follow back and now i have to seem cool, a novel

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Chris Evans takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

He did it with style and grace

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Marvel’s Chris Crisis (Chrisis) do the ice bucket challenge * * *

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rummaging in our souls - riza x roy (fmab/his dark materials) 

Summary: It is the strangest feeling in the world – having her soul settle while in someone else’s hands. Riza knows instinctively that her soul will be marked by Roy Mustang forever. (Or, Pre-Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood with daemons, focusing on Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye throughout their childhood, the Ishval Civil War, and after.)

Notes: I had no intentions of writing this. I hadn’t even though of it. The next thing I knew, a few hours later, it was written. I really don’t know how this came about when I have so many other things I could be writing. (Then again, daemon AUs are my actual favorite, so that’s probably why.) Originally (or well, as I thought while writing), this was supposed to have Ed, Al, and the like and I was going to talk about human transmutation’s effect on daemons…but I think I’m going to save that for a different story. I did so much research on these animals and names. Thank you, and also a random website I found that described animals and their meanings. I really did choose these purposefully.

Notes on Daemons:

riza hawkeye - northwestern wolf/northern timber wolf - wojciech (pronounced “VOI-chekh”): means “soldier” + “solace, comfort, joy”
roy mustang - african lion - shula: means “flame” in arabic
berthold hawkeye - northern goshawk - vidya: means “knowledge, science, learning” in sanskrit
maes hughes - great horned owl - niamh (pronounced “NEEV”): means “bright” in irish, daughter of a sea god that fell in love with a poet
zolf kimblee - wolverine - keres: goddesses of violent death in greek mythology
vato falman - mackeral tabby cat - ayn: based off ayn rand, a russian-american writer and philosopher
jean havoc - german shepherd dog - hiroko: means “tolerant, generous,” “abundant,” and or “prosperous” + “child” in japanese
heymans breda - blue nose pit bull dog - sumati: means “wise, good mind”, derived from sanskrit
kain fuery - european otter - ada (pronounced “AH-dah”): based off ada lovelace, assistant to charles babbage, the inventor of the early mechanical computer

rummaging in our souls
we often dig up something that ought to have lain there unnoticed

Roy is rather sure that Shula will settle as something small like a salamander just to irritate him. Here he is, a messy-haired, snarky child, destined to one day be one of the greatest alchemists ever, and he’ll have a tiny black and yellow-spotted salamander sitting on top of his shoulders all smug-like.

Truth be told, as a young child, Shula’s salamander form is his favorite. He likes the way her body scampers around and how she can hide. Sometimes, people would be startled when they didn’t see his daemon for hours on end. It would unnerve them; and boy, did he love unnerving people. But she would be there, crawling around under his shirt sleeve, tickling his collarbone, sleeping in his pocket. He loves how smooth she is, how cold she feels in his hot hands.

And yet she is fire reborn. He knows it because he knows he is.

Fire tap-dances under his skin like Morse code, to the point where he can feel it thrumming in his body whenever he and Shula are connected. Becoming Berthold Hawkeye’s apprentice to learn Flame Alchemy just seals the deal.

“Salamanders are symbolic of fire,” Shula whispers one night while they’re lying in bed. She’s in the form of a simple beagle, her head using his thigh as a pillow.

“Yeah, and they can also get squashed like a bug,” Roy points out. His hands are behind his head and he stares at the ceiling, thinking about the new equations he learned that day. None of them are about fire. His master is very…protective when it comes to his research.

Shula lifts her head and shifts into the form of a snake, sliding her way up to his head so that she can curl up on the pillow. “When do you think I’ll settle?”

“I don’t…” Roy frowns. He doesn’t know what to say to his daemon.

Neither of them wants to talk about how he’s late – how they’re late. He’s fifteen and Shula isn’t settled and that kind of unnerves people in a way that Roy doesn’t like. Settling is a sign of maturity; it’s a sign of becoming an adult. Settling late usually means that something happened in a person’s childhood to disrupt the process.

(Screeching tires comes to mind – the blinding lights, his mother’s scream, the tapping of raindrops on the side of his face through the broken windshield.)

His only comfort is that Riza’s daemon hasn’t settled either, but she’s younger than him. My god, what if Wojciech settles before Shula? How humiliating would that be?

Shula shifts into a salamander and sits on Roy’s neck right where his pulse beats slowly. “You think too much.”

Roy closes his eyes. “You sound like Miss Hawkeye.” But flames dance behind his eyes and he tries to picture Shula as something big and fierce, like a dragon, but there haven’t been dragon daemons in years, to the point where they’re more myth than history.


Her father’s daemon Vidya is, predictably, a goshawk. Sharp as ever, even as her father’s health begins to deteriorate, Vidya kept an eye on her more than her own father did. Wojciech likes to test out the hawk form, shifting to a smaller, lighter-feathered version of the other daemon, whenever they are outside in the garden. She’ll climb into the one tree they have, an apricot tree that strangely hasn’t produced any apricots since her mother died, and watch as Wojciech tries out different bird of prey forms that they looked up in books, shifting fluidly from one to another.

For some reason though, none of the forms feel right in Riza’s heart; and that bothers her deeply.

“Father will be disappointed if you don’t settle as a bird,” Riza sighs.

Wojciech cocks his German shepherd puppy head to the side. “That’ll be the first time he’s noticed you in years then.” When she glares at him, he gives her a sheepish look, one that only dogs are capable of, and bows his head. “I’m only saying… He pays more attention to Roy than you.”

Riza tries not to squirm uncomfortably at the use of her father’s apprentice’s name. He’s always been “Mister Mustang” to her since he first arrived, but Wojciech is stubborn and knows how much Riza yearns for her father’s attention. Just by using the boy’s first name, making it seem like his daughter’s daemon might actually be familiar with the apprentice, causes Vidya’s sharp eyes to dig into the back of Wojciech’s skull and that’s more attention than either of them usually get.

“You shouldn’t call him that,” Riza finally says. “You don’t know him.”

Wojciech huffs. “It wouldn’t hurt to do so, you know. You’re allowed to have friends.”

“It’s not…”

“Not what? Not appropriate?” Wojciech leans into her and Riza pulls him into a tight hug. His fur is soft and his body warm. She would feel so terribly alone in this stuffy house if it wasn’t for him. As if reading her thoughts, he adds, “You shouldn’t have to be alone.”

Riza smiles. “I’m not alone. I’ve got you.”

“And I’ve got you,” Wojciech says as he shifts into the form of lizard, hard scales and all, “but you can have other people in your life too. It’s your life, not your father’s. You’re allowed to live.”


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THE MAZE RUNNER: Group A Tattoos

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guys i’m going to let you all know right now that i’m trash and what the fuck it’s 3 am. i promised myself to go to bed early since i’m tired as fuck at work all the time.

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gotta pee but don’t want to quit reading

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