I Can't Get No Stannisfaction
I Can't Get No Stannisfaction

The name's Lanni. I'm a twenty and three spazz that is obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire, The Walking Dead, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Pacific Rim, Marvel, Elementary, Hannibal, Justified, and much more. I'm kind of a bastard, but I make up for it by writing ASOIAF fanfic requests. I also foray into FMAB, TWD, Justified, and Pacific Rim fanfiction. If you hate Theon Greyjoy or Catelyn Stark or characters that most people hate, this blog is not for you. Also I routinely liveblog when I watch tv shows and when I'm drunk.

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get to know me→ favourite male characters 1/5: edward elric
get to know me
→ favourite male characters 1/5: edward elric

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don’t go (where i can’t follow) - fullmetal alchemist/the hunger games 

Summary: No one is shocked more than Roy Mustang when his best friend, Riza Hawkeye, is chosen as a tribute in the Hunger Games, but even more so when Roy himself is also selected. Only one person can survive the Games, which is going to be difficult since both of them are dead set on keeping the other alive. The journey through the Games is as intense as it is emotional, forcing Roy to come to grips with everything he’s ever feared and more.

Notes: Alright, so first things first, this is a PREQUEL to my fic, “nothing can be gained (without giving in return)”, which means that you don’t have to read that one first in order to understand this one.

This ended up being a hell of a lot more massive and intense that I’d originally intended this to be. I mean, I hadn’t even intended on writing this. I wrote the Al/May Hunger Games AU and thought that would be it, but once I started thinking about the Roy and Riza Hunger Games that I’d hinted at in that fic, I knew it had to happen, especially since I love this pairing. And yes, this one is a lot more violent, a lot darker, and just much more manic, I think. Al is so…gentle, even in his strength. This is entirely from Roy’s POV, so it goes from ridiculous to very dark in certain spots. I wrote this while listening the Hans Zimmer’s “Inception” OST and again James Newton Howard’s “Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire” OSTs, especially “Rue’s Farewell”. There’s a certain scene near the end where I just played that song on repeat. Alright then, enjoy!

don’t go (where i can’t follow)

Somehow or another, Roy had been able to sleep the night before. He woke up blearily as usual, rubbing at his eyes, yawning, and stretching, like it was any other day. It was only when he went to open his closet that he paused, staring inside like it was a black hole waiting to suck him up. He dressed slowly, taking his time, savoring the feeling of his freedom and his bare feet on the wood floor.

This would be his last Hunger Games. He was eighteen and wouldn’t be in the drawing next year. All he had to do was escape one more Reaping Day and it would be over with. Roy shut the closet, his hand feeling heavy, and pressed his forehead against the door. The same could not be said for Riza. She was only sixteen; she still had two more Reaping Days after this.

By the time he walked downstairs to the kitchen, he found that Riza was already awake and ready. From the looks of it, she had been for a while, a cup of cold coffee lying in front of her and a barely touched breakfast. She had her face turned away from him, her blonde hair hiding her face, but he knew that she had heard him step into the room. Roy looked around for her father, his teacher, but the older man was nowhere to be found.

“Father is out,” she said in a hollow tone.

“Is he not coming for the Reaping?” Roy asked as he pulled a chair and sat down. He picked up a fork and began to dig into the breakfast she’d made for him.

All she did was shake her head in response.

Roy frowned for multiple reasons: one) Central didn’t take it lightly when people didn’t attend the Reaping; and two) her father should’ve been there to at least pretend to support his daughter. Things like that didn’t matter to Roy. His parents were long gone and they wouldn’t care if he was drafted into the Games. His aunt and “sisters”, on the other hand, would be devastated, but they lived far away and couldn’t publically support him.

“I’ve gotta make a call before we go,” Roy told her. She waved him away, but said nothing. Riza was a girl of few words – he’d learned that early on – but she became especially distant the week before and on the Reaping Day. “Thank you for the breakfast.”

They didn’t have much time before the Reaping, but Roy called back home so that he could at least get a few words in to all of his sisters. All of their times had passed; none of them had been chosen. They wished him good luck, Anita growling angry at Central, Vanessa crying, and he told them not to worry. What were the chances of him being picked? He only had his name in there once, unlike some kids that put their names in the drawing multiple times so they could get more rations. He spoke last with his Aunt Chris, who told him not to be an idiot and to keep his head down.

“Goodbye, Roy-boy,” she said, almost gently, before hanging up.


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FMAB messed me up good. =has a flashback=

this is reaching twd levels - maybe more. i can contain myself to like crying over rick and michonne and daryl for the walking dead. with fmab i’m like, “EVERYONE’S LIVES SUCKS I JUST WANT YOU ALL TO BE HAPPY. WHY???” i mean shit. /flashbacks/

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i believe in hate at first sight

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Anderson Cooper takes down anti-gay host with sharp jab

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this movie is fucking art

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i didn’t sign up for this. all i was thinking when i decided to watch that show was like, “well i’m dogsitting by myself in this huge house so let’s watch some anime on this nice tv.” LOOK WHAT IT’S DONE TO ME. don’t even get me started on the next daemon au that involves ed and al and talks about human transmutation because that shit is going to fuck me right up.

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