I Can't Get No Stannisfaction, ugh i’m sorry for being lame. i’ve missed you all...
I Can't Get No Stannisfaction
The name's Lanni. I'm a twenty and three narcolept that is obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire, The Walking Dead, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Pacific Rim, Marvel, Elementary, Hannibal, Justified, and much more. I'm kind of a bastard, but I make up for it by writing ASOIAF fanfic requests. I also foray into FMAB, TWD, Justified, and Pacific Rim fanfiction. If you hate Theon Greyjoy or Catelyn Stark or characters that most people hate, this blog is not for you. Also I routinely liveblog when I watch tv shows and when I'm drunk.
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ugh i’m sorry for being lame. i’ve missed you all so much! but i got a ps3 for christmas so i’ve been playing red dead redemption and skyrim for the past few days and just hanging out with my family. my step-mom came into town for christmas and i hadn’t seen her in two months so i missed her a lot. but good news: i’m about a 1/4 of the way through the next part of the winter’s song like i promised ages ago!

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  1. watchermostcharmed said: *squeeeeee* I missed you, lovely!!! Congrats on the games, I hope you’re enjoying Skyrim!
  2. lediableaquatre said: Skyrim is so awesome you’re absolutely forgiven :D
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